The Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook

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The Employee Handbook
The Employee Handbook template is a detailed, organized, and easy-to-navigate template for the policies and procedures of daycare, preschool, center, and home facilities

This is a  “fill in your school's name” template and is completely editable as it downloads in a Microsoft Document format.

Content of the Employee Handbook:
  • Employee Handbook Acknowledgment
  • Who Are We - Values, Philosophy of Education, Mission Statement, Goals
  • A Look into the Program
  • Description of Age Groups - Infants, Toddlers, Older Toddlers, Preschool, and Pre-K
  • Our Curriculum - Developmentally appropriate curriculum, Language, Cognitive Development, Science, Math, Social Studies, Social-Emotional, Physical Development, Fine Motor, and Gross Motor, Sensory Exploration, Art, Music, Dance, and Creative Expression
  • General Policies and Procedures -Type of insurance, state regulations and licensing, equal employment, non-discrimination, sexual harassment, child neglect and abuse, confidentiality, hazardous items, smoking policy, alcohol, substance abuse, recreational cannabis, employee medication, and prescription medication, employees use of telephone and internet, social media, communication, and grievance, pets, and animals
  • New Employee Orientation - hiring process, employee orientation, and provisional status, new employee file checklist, employee 90-day probationary period, 30,60,90 day employee evaluation
  • General Employee Policies - staffing structure, employee classification, employee hours, employee professional development, appearance, and dress
  • Employee compensation - salary and payroll, overtime, discussion on employee compensation, pay evaluation
  • Employee Benefits - general employee benefits information, health insurance, life insurance, retirement insurance, paid holidays, paid vacation, paid sick days, child care benefits, workers compensation, social security, unemployment insurance
  • Employee Evaluation and Assessment of Work
  • Employee Disciplinary policies and termination - performance corrective review, disciplinary policy, disciplinary policy procedure, Termination, resignation
  • Employee Attendance and Punctuality - notice of absence, absence, tardiness, excused absence
  • Student policies - biting, potty training, transitioning to another classroom, screens, and media, children's attire, special events
  • Meals - preparation of food, mealtimes, menus, water and mealtime fluids, children with special diets, food from home, school celebrations
  • Disciplinary Policy for Students - Discharge policy
  • Assessments, observations, evaluations of students - assessments, professional evaluations, parent and teacher conferences
  • Emergency Preparedness - emergency consent forms, emergency handbook
  • Emergency procedures - immediate medical attention, fire, tornado, missing child, poison procedure, medication policies
  • Reporting and documentation of illness, injury, and accidents - reporting of communicable disease, emergency contact documentation for children, report of a student injury, Injury observation report, report of a sick child at school
  • Outdoor play policies
  • General Parent policies - late pickup policy for parents, illness policy, arrival procedure, departure procedure, pick up authorization
  • Lesson planning - planning activities
  • Parent communication

...and so much more! You will truly love this template!