Assistant Director Manual and Resources
Assistant Director Manual and Resources
Assistant Director Manual and Resources
Assistant Director Manual and Resources
Assistant Director Manual and Resources

Assistant Director Manual and Resources

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Assistant Director Manual and Resources

This comprehensive binder encompasses a wide array of essential policies, guidelines, and procedures, which effectively govern the center's daily operations, safety protocols, and overall management. The binder serves as a valuable tool that ensures consistency, compliance, and efficient childcare center management, ultimately fostering a secure, nurturing, and well-structured environment for the children under your care.

Table of Contents


  • Welcome Message From Director
  • Vision and Mission Statement
  • Organizational Structure
  • Our Staff

Assistant Director Yearly Duties and Responsibilities Checklist

  • General Daily Performance
  • Office Tasks and Record-Keeping Duties
  • Program and Curriculum Development and Mgmt.
  • Staff Management
  • Parental / Guardian Interactions
  • School Management Responsibilities
  • Daily Checklist

Assistant Director and Director Duties Quick Reference

  • Assistant Director Duties
  • Director Duties

Assistant Director Full Job Description

  • Job Summary
  • Position Qualifications
  • Assistant Director Responsibilities
  • Operational Support
  • Staff Supervision and Development
  • Curriculum and Program Development
  • Health, Safety, and Compliance
  • Parent and Community Engagement

Policies and Procedures

  • Code of Conduct
  • Supervision
  • Dress Code
  • Food and Beverage
  • Substance Use
  • Attendance
  • Timeclock
  • Early Arrival
  • Out Time
  • Timecards
  • Payroll
  • Sick Policies
  • Social Media
  • Guidance and Discipline Policy
  • Appropriate and Inappropriate Behavior Policy
  • Emergency Situations
    • Immediate Medical Emergency
    • Procedure for Injury
    • Child Abuse Reporting
    • Missing Child
    • Fire
    • Tornado
    • Thunderstorm
    • Winter Storm
    • Flash Flood
    • Power Outage
    • Evacuation
    • Lockdown
    • Loss of Water
    • Loss of Heat, Air Conditioning, or Plumbing
    • Poison Procedure
    • Hazardous Spills 

Resources & Support

  • Emergency Contacts
  • Staff Contacts

Communication and Collaboration

  • Expectations for Effective Communication
  • Parent/Guardian Interactions
  • Guidelines for Addressing Parent Concerns or Feedback
  • Discipline Policy
  • Challenging Behavior Process
  • Discharge Policy

Program and Curriculum

  • Curriculum
  • Our Classrooms
  • Our Classroom Schedules
    • Infant Classroom Daily Schedule
    • Toddler Classroom Daily Schedule
    • Two and Three-Year-Old Classroom Daily Schedule
    • Preschool Daily Schedule
    • Pre-K Daily Schedule

School Management Responsibilities

  • Administration and Planning
  • Operational Management
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Staff Development and Training
  • Compliance and Regulations

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Documentation and Record-Keeping
  • Communication and Correspondence
  • Staff Support and Coordination
  • Policy and Procedure Implementation
  • Facility and Equipment Management

Acknowledgment of Receipt of the Asst. Director Binder

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