Busy Binder for Learning

Busy Binder for Learning

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Busy Binder for Learning

This is the coolest binder on the internet! Keep your students busy all day long with this fun and interactive learning binder. Students will learn to write their name, and their age, study the weather, number, letters and so much more with interactive activities. At the end of the year, have the students bring the binder home to play with their parents! This is a tool for teachers and parents can use for years to come!


1.       Cover Page – Customizable

2.       My Name is – Customizable

3.       I Am ____ years old.  – Customizable

4.       My Birthday is  – Customizable

5.       I can Write My Name (Tracing / Writing)

6.       Today’s Weather is (with a cutout page for Velcro matching)

7.       Alphabet Letter Recognition (with cutout page for Velcro matching)

8.       Alphabet A - Q  (Tracing / Writing)

9.       Alphabet R - Z  (Tracing / Writing)

10.   Shapes (Tracing)

11.   Shapes (Recognition)

12.   Numbers 1 – 10 (Tracing)

13.   Numbers 11 – 20 (Tracing)

14.   I can count to 20! (with cutout page for Velcro matching)

15.   Tracing Lines (Tracing)

16.   Color Matching (with cutout page for Velcro matching)