Director Manual and Resources

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Director Manual and Resources

A bundle of important resources for every director! These documents are a collection of important director resources including checklists, classroom and enrollment forms, and important policies directors should know! This is a fabulous resource to provide to your directors for a successful school year in their important position. 

Table of Contents

  • Welcome to (INSERT SCHOOL’S NAME)/ Importance of Director Position
  • Director Job Description
  • Duties
    • Enrolling New Students
      • Parent Orientation Checklist
      • New Student File Checklist
      • New Student File Forms
      • Child Care Contract
        • Admission Agreement
        • Schedule Agreement
        • Payment Policies Agreement
        • Tuition Agreement
        • Withdrawal and Discharge Agreement
      • Enrollment Application
        • Enrollment Schedule
        • About Your Child Form
        • Medical Information and Consent
        • Medical Liability
        • Pick-Up Authorization
        • Late Pick-Up Acknowledgement
        • Multimedia Consent Form
        • Public Parks and Field Trip Permission Form
        • Summary of Licensing Receipt Handbook
        • Acknowledgement of Receipt of Parent Handbook
        • Tie Dye Consent Form
        • Swimming Pool Release
        • Field Trip Permission Form
      • Current Enrollment
        • Infant Childcare Log
        • Toddler Daily Childcare Log
        • Preschool Childcare Log
        • Parent Feedback Form
      • New Employees
        • Employment Application
          • Direct Deposit Information
        • Probation Policy Contract
        • Acknowledgement and Certification of Receipt of Employment Handbook
        • Acknowledgement and Certification of the Emergency Handbook
        • Guidance and Discipline Policy
        • Acknowledgement and Certification of Guidance and Discipline Policy
        • Outdoor Rules and Regulations
        • Acknowledgement and Certification of Receipt of Outdoor Rules and Regulations
        • Employee Application and File Checklist
        • Teacher Interview Questions
        • New Employee Orientation Training Checklist
      • Current Employees
        • Teacher Check-In
        • Teach Daily Duties Checklist
        • Teacher Evaluation
      • Tuition and Finances
        • Monthly Tuition Tracking Spreadsheet
        • Yearly and Monthly Expense and Income Planner and Calculator Spreadsheet
        • Parent Invoice Receipt
        • Tuition Increase Email Template
      • School Health and Safety
        • Illness Policy Report
        • Daily Building and Grounds Checklist
        • Emergency Situations
          • Child Abuse Reporting
          • Medical Emergency
          • Procedure of Injury
          • Lockdown
          • Missing Child
          • Evacuation
          • Fire
          • Tornado
          • Thunder and Winter Storm
          • Flash Flood
          • Loss of Telephone Service and Power Outage
          • Loss of Water, Heat, Air Conditioning, or Plumbing
          • Poison and Hazardous Spills Procedures

Editable as it downloads as a Microsoft Word document!

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