Director's Duties Tracker, Workbook and Planner
Director's Duties Tracker, Workbook and Planner
Director's Duties Tracker, Workbook and Planner

Director's Duties Tracker, Workbook and Planner

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Director's Duties Tracker, Workbook, and Planner!

Introducing our comprehensive Director's Duties Workbook! This all-in-one resource is designed to assist directors in effectively managing their responsibilities. The Director Duties tab offers a categorized summary of duties, spanning daily, weekly, monthly, and annual tasks. We provide a starting point with pre-defined duties, but you have the freedom to customize the list to match your unique needs. With convenient navigation buttons, accessing the monthly planner tabs is a breeze. Each monthly tab combines duty checklists and daily planners, empowering you to plan, track, and customize tasks seamlessly. Stay organized, boost productivity, and confidently lead your team with our Director's Duties Workbook.

Key Features:

  • Categorization: Duties are organized based on their frequency, providing a clear guide for the director's responsibilities.
  • Customization: Users have the flexibility to add, delete, or modify duties to tailor their duties according to their preferences and organizational demands.
  • Convenient Navigation: Easy-to-use navigation buttons allow users to access monthly planner pages effortlessly, enabling efficient task planning and tracking.

Monthly Planner Tabs

The workbook includes separate tabs for each calendar month, each serving two main purposes:

Monthly Duty Checklist Items:

  • Categorized Duties: Tasks are organized based on frequency, such as daily, weekly, monthly, and annually, guiding the director throughout the month.
  •  Dynamic Tracking: As tasks are completed in the Monthly planner, trackers at the top of the sheet automatically update, displaying the number and percentage of completed tasks for the specific month and all frequency categories combined.
  • Customizable Lists: Users can easily customize the duty checklist, adding, deleting, or modifying tasks to suit their changing needs and preferences.

Monthly Daily Planner:

  • Efficient Scheduling: Each monthly tab includes a daily planner, enabling the director to plan activities on a day-to-day basis effectively.
  •  Personalization: The daily planner offers a customizable space for adding, deleting, or modifying tasks, appointments, meetings, and events as required.

With these features, the monthly planner tabs empower directors to monitor their progress, track productivity, and efficiently manage their essential tasks throughout the year. The customizable options ensure a personalized approach to managing responsibilities, leading to improved productivity and organization.

**** You will receive two versions in this download. One for 365 Excel users and one for non-365/general Excel program users. The versions are different in the way the monthly tabs work (non-365 users must manually change the duties for each month). This is important to note. Please watch the previews videos to get a better understanding. 

CLICK HERE -  Director Duties Tracker and Planner Workbook - Training video for Classic (older) Versions of Excel


CLICK HERE - Director Duties Tracker Workbook and Planner for Microsoft 365