Student Assessment - Toddler
Student Assessment - Toddler
Student Assessment - Toddler

Student Assessment - Toddler

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Student Assessment - Toddler

This developmental assessment outlines the developmental milestones, goals, and learning ages for children in the toddler age group.

This assessment shall be conducted by a teacher at the beginning of the school year, in the fall, and again at the end of the school year, in April or May.

The grading scale consists of the following:

  • E - Exceeds Expectations
  • I - Improving
  • OI - Opportunity for Improvement
  • N/A - Not Applicable at this Time

Developmental Domains Assessed:
  • Physiological Regulation, Self-Care, and Independence
  • Emotional Regulation and Empathy
  • Behavior Regulation
  • Physical Development and Health - Fine Motor
  • Physical Development and Health - Gross Motor
  • Perceptional Senses and Spatial Relationships
  • Social and Expressive Communication
  • Receptive Communication and Literacy
  • Concept Development
  • Symbolic Thought
  • Logica, Reasoning, and Problem Solving
  • Quantity and Numbers
  • Science Concepts and Exploration
  • Safety, Well-Being, Confidence, and Risk-Taking
  • Persistence, Effort, and Attentiveness
  • Creativity, Music, and Imagination

This assessment is detailed, organized, easy to use, and is downloaded as a Microsoft Word document to edit and shape your school's environment.