Employee Attendance and Punctuality Point System and Absence Tracker - Manual Version

Employee Attendance and Punctuality Point System and Absence Tracker - Manual Version

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Employee Attendance and Punctuality Point System and Absence Tracker - Manual Version

This comprehensive policy introduces an attendance point system designed to foster accountability and open communication, ensuring your childcare center operates seamlessly with a reliable staff. Employees are expected to adhere to scheduled work times, and the policy establishes a point-based disciplinary framework for effectively managing attendance-related issues.

  • Enhance operational efficiency by encouraging punctuality and consistent attendance.
  • Cultivate a positive and supportive work environment for your dedicated staff.
  • Safeguarding optimal student-to-teacher ratios, is crucial for maintaining the quality of childcare services.
  • Recognize and reward unwavering dedication through our structured Reward Point System.
  • Simplify absence management with our user-friendly Exemption Request Form.

This policy package is presented in an editable Word document, offering complete customization to align with the specific needs and nuances of your childcare center. Customize absence descriptions and points to suit your unique operational requirements, providing a flexible and adaptable solution for your center's attendance management.

Additional Features

Attendance Policy

  • The Attendance and Punctuality Point System Policy is tailored to the unique needs of childcare centers. It emphasizes the critical role of punctuality and consistent attendance in providing a safe and enriching environment for young learners.
  • The point system outlined in the policy ensures clear expectations, while the disciplinary framework maintains a balance between accountability and support.

Absence Point and Reward Tracker

  • This customizable tracker assists the administration in monitoring individual attendance Points. It provides a visual representation of points accumulated due to absences. 
  • The tracker aligns with the Reward Point System, also allowing for tracking of reward pointes earned and progress of their journey towards incentives and bonuses for exceptional attendance. 

Absence Point Exemption Request Form

  • To facilitate a streamlined process for managing unplanned absences, the Absence Point Exemption Request Form enables employees to seek forgiveness points. This editable and printable form is a valuable tool for childcare center staff to cover shifts, coordinate with substitutes, or adjust schedules, all while maintaining accountability and adhering to center policies.