Enrollment Toolkit
Enrollment Toolkit
Enrollment Toolkit
Enrollment Toolkit
Enrollment Toolkit

Enrollment Toolkit

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Enrollment Toolkit 


Strategies for Increasing Enrollment

1.     Digital Engagement

2.    Developing a Professional Website

3.    Implement Online Registration and Inquiry Forms

4.    Utilize Social Media Platforms to Showcase Activities, Share Parent Testimonials, and Engage with the Community.

·    Creating a Facebook Parent Group

5.    Offer Unique Programs and Services

6.    Highlight Safety and Health Protocols

7.    Create Appealing Marketing Materials

8.    Host Open Houses and Tours

9.    Establish Referral Programs

10.  Engage with Local Community

11.  Build Relationships with Local Schools and Employers

12.  Offer Trial Sessions

13.  Provide Transparent Communication

14.  Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

15.  Highlight Staff Qualification and Training

16.  Offer Financial Assistance or Discounts

17.  Collect and Share Testimonials

18.  Monitor and Respond to Trends

19.  Offer Parent Education Workshops

20.  Create a Loyalty Program

21.  Utilize online Review and Ratings

22.  Collaborate with Local Realtors

23.  Offer Virtual Learning Support

24.  Create and Monitor Waiting Lists

25.  Host Parent-Child Engagement Activities

26.  Implement Online Payment and Communication Systems

27.  Create a Rainy-Day Policy

28.  Focus on Staff Development and Training

29.  Offer Special Promotions or Discounts

30.  Participate in Government Subsidy Programs

31.  Create an Alumni Network

32.  Engage with Local Influencers


Managing New Enrollment and Enrollment Forms

1.        Managing New Enrollment


Enrollment Forms

1.        Parent Orientation Checklist                

·      Welcoming Checklist        

·      Required Paperwork          

·      Fees              

·      Policies and Procedures

·      Additional

2.        Student File Checklist               

·      Student Paperwork             

·      Health and Medical Forms            

·      New Student File Forms 

·      Child Information                 

·      Parent Information              

·      Home Information               

·      History of Childcare           

·      Program Interest  

·      Concerns 

3.        Childcare Contract    

·      Child Information                 

·      Terms           

·      Outline of Contract             

4.        Admission Contract  

·      Terms           

5.        Schedule Agreement Contract           

·      Terms           

6.        Payment Policies Agreement Contract          

·      Terms           

7.        Tuition Agreement      

8.        Withdrawal and Discharge Agreement          

·      Terms           

9.        Enrollment Application

·      Parent / Guardian Information

·      Enrollment Schedule

·      About Your Child

10.  Medical Information and Consent

11.  Emergency Treatment and Transportation

12.  Medical Liability

13.  Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan

14.  Asthma Action Plan

15.  Prescription Medication Permission Form And Medication Log

16.  Application for Non-Medicated Topical Products

17.  Pick-Up Authorization

18.  Late Pick-Up Authorization

19.  Multimedia Consent Form

20.  Public Parks and Field Trip Permission Form

21.  Summary of Licensing Receipt Handbook

22.  Acknowledgment Receipt of Parent Handbook

23.  Tie Dye Consent Form

24.  Swimming Pool Release

25.  Field Trip Permission Form


Current Enrollment

1.        Infant Childcare Log

2.        Toddler Childcare Log

3.        Preschool Childcare Log

4.        Parent Feedback Log


Successfully Maintaining Enrollment

Strategies for Maintaining Enrollment

1.        Importance of Timely Paperwork

2.        Ongoing Communication

3.        Parent Surveys and Feedback

4.        Promoting Parent Engagement

5.        Providing Quality Care and Programming

6.        Building Strong Relationships

7.        Embracing Continuous Improvement 


Transitioning Students to Next Classroom

1.             Transitioning Procedure

2.             Transitions Schedule

3.             Transitioning Plan Outline

4.             Child Information for Next Classroom

5.             Parent Acknowledgement