Licensing Compliance Binder Organizational Tool

Licensing Compliance Binder Organizational Tool

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Licensing Compliance Binder Organizational Tool

It is time to get organized! This binder will help you maintain and organize the school’s most important forms so that you are prepared for your licensing visits. The binder contains inserts in which you will place your own forms. This binder also comes with some important forms you can use for school or work off to create your own. This document is completely editable so that you can add or change any section you need to. This is a game changer when it comes to GETTING ORGANIZED!

Please note, this binder contains the contents most likely asked for by licensing in all states. This list is not inclusive, which means it may or may not have ALL required paperwork per state. It is up to you, the owner, or the director, to ensure you have reviewed your state licensing handbooks and documentation requirements. The licensing compliance binder does come with extra blank inserts, for you to add content to for your binder. It is also completely editable if you chose to change anything to fit your unique school environment.

Handbooks are not included!  Click HERE to purchase HANDBOOKS!

Licensing Compliance Binder Table of Contents

Licensing Checklist (Checklist Included)

Basic Licensing Checklist


Director Forms

Updated Medical


Required State Forms



Student Forms (Contains example)

Enrollment Forms Checklist

New Student File Checklist

Parent Enrollment and Childcare Consent Forms

Enrollment Application

Enrollment Schedule

About Your Child

Medical Information and Consent

Emergency Treatment and Transportation

Medical Liability

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan

Asthma Action Plan

Prescription Medication Permission Form and Medication Log

Prescription Medication Consent Log

Application of Non-Medicated Topical Products

Pick Up Authorization

Late Pick Up Acknowledgement

Multimedia Consent Form

Public Parks and Field Trip Permission Form

Tuition Agreement

Summary of Licensing Receipt Handbook

Acknowledgment Receipt of Parent Handbook

Tie Dye Consent Form

Swimming Pool Release

Field Trip Permission Form

Attendance Records

Hearing and Screening Clearances

Discipline Policy Example

Discipline Policy

Challenging Behavior Process

Discharge Policy

Illness Policy Example

Student Illness Policy and Report


Employee Forms  (Contains Example)

Employment Forms Checklist

New Employee File Checklist

Employment Application and Forms for Employee File Examples

Employment Application

Acknowledgment of Employment Application

Employee Emergency Contact Information

Direct Deposit Information

Probation Policy Contract

Acknowledgment and Certificate of Receipt of the Employment Handbook

Acknowledgment and Certificate of Receipt of the Emergency Handbook

Guidance and Discipline Policy

Acknowledgment and Certificate of Receipt of the Guidance and Disciplinary Policy

Outdoor Rules and Regulations

Acknowledgment and Certificate of Receipt of the

Outdoor Rules and Regulations

Background Check Clearances

Discipline Policy Example

Guidance and Discipline Policy

Acknowledgment and Certificate of Receipt of the Guidance and Disciplinary Policy

Medical Records

Personal Training Records

Personal Training Records


Shaken Baby Syndrome, SIDS, and Mandated Reporter Certificates

CPR and First Aid Certificates

Food Handler Certificates

State Teaching Membership Cards

Staffing Plan


Kitchen Forms (Contains Example)

Food Manager Certificate

Food Temperature Logs

Food Temperature Log

Example Menus

Allergy Chart of Students


Safety Forms (Contains Example)

Daily Building and Grounds Checklist

Example Outdoor Policy

Outdoor Policy

Safety Documentation (Health Visit Records, Nurse Visit Records)

Emergency Drill Records

Fire Drill Log

Tornado Drill Log

Active Shooter Drill Log

Fire Marshall Inspection and Records

Poison Control and Pest Management

Pest Examination Certificate

Radon Report


Medical Forms (Contains some Examples)

Allergy and EpiPen Forms Completed

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan

Administration of Medication Forms

Prescription Medication Consent Log

Medical Liability Waiver

Disease Control and Universal Precautions


Handbooks (Not included, purchase on our website)



Emergency Situations