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Student Portfolio

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Student Portfolio

Empower your students' learning journey with our comprehensive toolkit designed to showcase their achievements and growth in style. Our toolkit offers a diverse range of crafted templates, tailored to capture the essence of each student's unique journey.

We've included decorative page dividers to add an extra touch of organization to your portfolios. These dividers serve as both aesthetic enhancements and functional markers, guiding readers through the different sections of the portfolio with ease.

In addition to serving as a powerful tool for documenting student progress, our toolkit is also an invaluable resource for parent-teacher conferences. The beautifully designed templates and decorative page dividers make it easy to present a comprehensive overview of each student's development and accomplishments.

Moreover, the Student Portfolio Template Toolkit serves as a cherished keepsake for students to bring home at the end of the year. It provides a tangible representation of their learning journey, allowing them to proudly showcase their growth and achievements to family and friends.

With its blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, our toolkit is the perfect companion for educators and students alike. Elevate your student portfolios to new heights and create lasting memories with our Student Portfolio Template Toolkit.



Tips for storing and displaying Student Portfolios

Guidance for what to include in the student portfolio

Letter Template to include at the beginning of the Portfolio (When ready to send home with Student)

Student Profile Templates:

  • Student Information
  • Get to Know the Student Template (For parents to complete)
  • Parent Letter Template to accompany Get to Know the Student Template
  • Student Profile Template

Growth and Development:

  • Developmental Milestones Reference for easy reference when reviewing developmental assessments with parents
  • Page divider for Developmental Assessment Copies
  • Two Observation For Templates

Pages to showcase schoolwork and artwork:

  • Student Portfolio Cover Page
  • Page Dividers
  • Transition Day Template
  • Writing my name sample (beginning of year vs. end of year)
  • My Favorite Books
  • 10 decorate pages to display photos or work