The Comprehensive Checklist Binder
The Comprehensive Checklist Binder
The Comprehensive Checklist Binder
The Comprehensive Checklist Binder

The Comprehensive Checklist Binder

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The Comprehensive Checklist Binder

This Comprehensive Checklist Binder has been thoughtfully crafted to support childcare professionals in getting and staying organized, along with providing exceptional care to little ones. This book serves as a valuable resource to assist you in running your childcare center smoothly and efficiently. From daily routines to curriculum planning, these checklists will help you maintain the highest standards of care while nurturing a safe, educational, and loving environment.

Over 100 pages of checklists, completely editable to fit your needs!


1.    New Employee File           

2.    New Employee Training

3.    Lead Teacher Duties

4.    Assistant Teacher Duties

5.    Director Duties

6.    Parent Orientation

7.    Student File

8.    First Day of School

9.    Student Classroom Behavior and Academic

10. Classroom Management Tips and Tricks

11. Opening School

12. Closing School

13. Student Cubby

14. Bulletin Board Checklist

15. Bulletin Board Guidelines Checklist

16. Field Trip Planning Checklist

17. First Aid Supply Checklist

18. Dramatic Play Area Checklist

19. Art Supply Checklist

20. Kitchen / Food Prep Supply Checklist

21. Classroom Environment Checklist

22. General Reading Area Checklist

23. Reading Area for 3-year-olds and Under Checklist

24. Reading Area for 4-year-olds Checklist

25. Fine Motor Skills Activity Supply Checklist

26. Gross Motor Skills Activity Supply Checklist

27. Match Activity Materials Checklist

28. Science Activity Materials Checklist

29. Sensory Bin Supply Checklist

30. Daily Cleaning Supply Checklist

31. Daily Cleaning Checklist

32. Deep Cleaning Checklist

33. Childcare Supervision of Children Checklist

34. Childcare Health Policies Checklist

35. Childcare Safety Policies Checklist

36. Childcare Emergency Situations Checklist

37. Childcare Injury Prevention Checklist

38. Childcare Medical Emergency Checklist

39. Childcare First Aid Checklist

40. Childcare Outdoor Safety Checklist

41. Childcare Field Trip Safety Checklist

42. Childcare Weather Safety Checklist

43. Transportation Checklist

44. Daily Building and Grounds Checklist