The Parent Handbook (Updated Layout Canva)

The Parent Handbook (Updated Layout Canva)

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The Parent Handbook (Updated Layout Canva)


Once purchased, the Microsoft Word document will provide instructions for edited, and saving your handbook as a PDF from the Canva site
The Parent Handbook template is a detailed, organized, and easy-to-navigate template for policies and procedures related to daycare, preschool, center, or home facility.

This is a  “fill in your school's name” template and is completely editable as it downloads in a Microsoft Document format. 

Content of the Parent Handbook
  • Parent Handbook Acknowledgment
  • Who Are We - Values, Philosophy of Education, Mission Statement, Goals
  • A Look into the Program
  • Description of Age Groups - Infants, Toddlers, Older Toddlers, Preschool, and Pre-K
  • Our Curriculum - Developmentally appropriate curriculum, Language, Cognitive Development, Science, Math, Social Studies, Social-Emotional, Physical Development, Fine Motor, and Gross Motor, Sensory Exploration, Art, Music, Dance, and Creative Expression
  • Admissions - Enrollment Requirements, Registration Documents, Enrollment Fees, Special Discounts, Sibling Discounts, Waitlist Information, Classroom Play Date, and School Visitation. Annual Enrollment Fees and Items to Bring on the First Day of School, Updating Forms for Your Child's File
  • Payment Policies - Program Options, Program Change of Days Enrolled, Added Daily Rate, Monthly Tuition Fee, Field Trip Fee, Late Payment Fee, Payments That Are Returned, Evaluation of Tuition Rates, Absence Fee, Vacations, Late Pick-Up Charge, Holiday's, Weather Policy
  • Withdrawal and Discharge Policy - Withdrawal from the Center - Discharge Policy
  • Arrival and Departure - Arrival Procedures, Departure Procedures, Pick Up Authorization
  • General Employee Information - Staffing Information, What Makes our Staff Special, General Employee Classifications
  • Yummy, It Is Time to Eat - Preparation of Food, Mealtimes, Menus, Water and Meal Time Fluids, Children with Special Diets, Food From Home, School Celebrations
  • General School Policies - Type of Insurance, State Regulations and Licensing, Smoking Policy, Alcohol Policy, Equal Employment, Non-Discrimination Policy, Sexual Harassment, Child Neglect, and Abuse, Social Media, Confidentiality, Hazardous Items, Biting, Potty Training, Transitioning a Student to the Next Age Group, Screens, Media, Special Events, Special Events, Special Discipline, Special Events,
  • Assessments, Observations, and Evaluations - Assessments at the School, Professional Evaluations, Parent and Teacher Conferences
  • Emergency Preparedness - Emergency Consent Forms, Emergency Handbook Onsite
  • Emergency Procedures - Immediate Medical Attention, Fire, Tornado, Missing Child, Poison Procedure, Illness Policy, Medication Policies
 ...and so much more! You will truly love this template!

This is a 44-page document.